AT89S52 Evaluation Board with 128*64 LCD Module     

Microcontroller is 8051 AT89S52 40-pin compatible mcu
Crystal frequency in 11.0592MHz
ISP in-system programming port compatible with the original ATMEL ISP cable
AMS1117-5V voltage regulator
MAX232 for debug and communication with a PC for data analysis
Sensirion SHT10 digital humidity and temperature sensor
Philips PCF8563 Real-time-clock with 0.047F super cap for power backup
Atmel 24C256 EEPROM (256kbits, 32kbyte)
5-way navigator joystick
Piezo sounder with amplification circuit
40-pin IDE-cable compatible extension port for xdata ROM/RAM extension. Selection jumper for EA pin shorted to ground or +5V available
JHD12864J dot-matrix monochrome LCD with MOSFET control on backlight power. Controller is Samsung KS0108B
1.6mm double-side PCB with silk-screen printing, size 125mmx88mm

Document & Software    

Doc 01




Doc 02 Users' Guide 331KB  
Doc 03 Keil C51 Demo Software link    
Doc 04 Blink LED by software & hardware delay 263KB
Doc 05 Ring-tone music 185KB
Doc 06 UART & program debug for 5-way joystick 458KB
Doc 07 Philips PCF8563 Real-time-clock 251KB
Doc 08 Atmel 24C256 eeprom 252KB
Doc 09 Sensirion SHT10 sensor 473KB
Doc 10 KS0108 128*64 dot matrix LCD 586KB
Doc 11 Datasheet incl. major components 2.8MB  
Doc 12 Functions (circles, rectangles, & pictures)
& tools provided by Fabio Tegon-Brazil
Doc 13 Free stuff! ISP Download Cable 295KB  


Item description Development board for Atmel 89S52 microcontroller
Part number AT89S52-gLCD-STK1
Price Item discontinued
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