Sensirion SHT10 temperature & humidity sensor on PCB     

Fully calibrated SHT10/11 digital humidity and temperature sensor
2 sensors in one chip for relative humidity & temperature measurement
Measurement range: 0-100% RH
Absolute RH accuracy: +/- 4.5% RH for SHT10, +/- 3.0% RH for SHT11
Temp. accuracy: +/- 0.5C for SHT10, +/- 0.4C for SHT11
Calibrated & digital output (2-wire interface)
Fast response time < 4 sec.
Low power consumption (typ. 30 W)
Very easy-to-use due to calibration & digital 2-wire interface
Breakout board for easy prototype process

Document & Software    

Doc 01




Doc 02 Data sheet of SH1x 1,431KB  
Doc 03 Development board for PIC18LF4550   link  
Doc 04 Development board for ARM LPC2103   link  
Doc 05 Development board for PIC24   link  
Doc 06 Build a digital thermal-hygrograph 517KB  


Item description SHT10 sensor on PCB without the SF1 cap
Part number SHT10_BO
Price US$15.00 (HK$117.00)
Item description Bare SHT10 sensor
Part number SHT10
Price US$10.50 (HK$82.00)
Item description SHT11 sensor on PCB without the SF1 cap
Part number SHT11_BO
Price US$25.00 (HK$195.00)
Item description Bare SHT11 sensor
Part number SHT11
Price US$20.50 (HK$160.00)
Item description Filter cap for SHT1x sensor (data sheet)
Part number SF1
Price US$5.50 (HK$43.00)
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