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A MIPI display can be a smart watch, wearable health monitoring device, digital camera display, and more. MIPI-Touch DVK is now available for wearables and mobiles.


Analog clock supporting swipe gesture


Home automation demo

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Microchip PIC Development Boards

EVK for PIC18F67J50 USB MCU with 1.5" color OLED
Evaluation platform for 100-Pin General Purpose MCU


Displays and EVK

1.54" 240*RGB*240 MIPI Display
4.3" WQVGA color TFT-LCD module with Touch Panel
5" WVGA color TFT-LCD module with Touch Panel
7" WVGA color TFT-LCD module with Touch Panel
EVK for Solomon SSD1963 Display Controller R4A
EVK for Solomon SSD1963 Ultima R4.1
EVK for Solomon SSD1928 Image Processor
EVK for Solomon SSD2805 MIPI Bridge
EVK for TouchGFX running on MIPI-Touch



Nordic nRF905 wireless module
Nordic nRF24L01 2.4GHz wireless module
Universal IR remote controller IC with learning function
OV9653 CMOS Camera Module
OV2640/3 CMOS Camera Modules
Solderless Jumper Cables for prototyping
Image Processor SSD1928QL9
Display Controller SSD1963QL9
MIPI Master Bridge IC SSD2805


BoosterPacks for Texas Instruments LaunchPad

Tiva C SSD2805 SmartWatch BoosterPack